How to improve your website’s conversion ?

How to improve your website’s conversion ?

Do you want to improve your website’s conversion rate ? Here are a few tricks to help you to reach your goals :

Content is key

If you want to drive traffic to your website, be generous with content, both in quantity and quality. Giving away a quality source of content will bring you additional business.

According to your customers profile (or potential customers profile), publish blog posts that are of interest for them.

Layout and references

Your rebound rate is too high ? Using a simple layout scroll-down architecture definitely increases conversion. Your homepage must take back a great catch phrase, that will retain visitors’ attention. Do not use sentence like ‘We can do that for your business…’ but use ‘When Google, Facebook and VW needs that service, they come here’. Put a large call-to-action button on the first part of your homepage.

Under the catch phrase, show clearly what is on your homepage, and what benefits your solution will give.

Use references (prefer logos instead of words, there are much more visuals and efficient) to strenghten your message and reassure your visitors. Aside your customers logo’s, do not hesitate to present case studies, starting from the problem encountered until the implemented solution and benefits (measurable).

And repeat call-to-actions along the homepage, and all your website’s pages.

Walk in the shoes of your customers

A better advice ? Visit your website as if you ere one of your potential customers. What would you need to go further in the process ? Why would you take contact with your company ? How ?


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