Is Facebook really performant ?

Is Facebook really performant ?

Advanced Social Media

The Official Facebook News reports : more and more content is being created and shared every day. Nice. Not so much in fact : this means than less than 5% of your fans see your publications. To give you a comparison point, this is less performant than e-mailing !

Until now, Facebook was like a Bimbo : not very interesting, costly but very self rewarding. A kind of “show off” activity, a must do for every marketeer, but with very poor operational return. The time is come to stop the ‘like’ race and get rid of nurturing Facebook with… your data’s !

Why could not Facebook be a successful and charming working girl, who brings powerful sales leads activities, generates engagement and emotions, and so generates a very strong emotional bound and recruitment ?

Well, that is now reality.

In partnership, we developped OpenStory, a Social Web Application, that gives the brand the unique opportunity to transform Facebook fans into a powerful data base. Why ? Firstly, to drive maximum engagement, emotions and sales return. It also helps dramatically to recruit. And in the end, you possess… your own data’s. You have full ownership of your data’s and can re-use it in your marketing strategy.


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